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that precure 'fandom' post is basically OP whining because people called him out for defending porn of underage anime girls


Precure is definitely not the only franchise to have porn of underage girls. There are whole series that pander to lolicon (lotte no omocha, kodomo no jikan, etc) but I guess the difference is those are pandering whereas precure is for kids. I personally like precure hentai but if it is like with the MLP fandom where it is accessed by kids, then yeah I have a problem.

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Precure miracle change accessories💙 and chocolate🍫


Precure miracle change accessories💙 and chocolate🍫

Dear Precure ”Fandom”…


At the beginning I thought everything was quite comical, the whole “precure fandom wars”, but the minute I saw people rubbing her need for medication in a girl’s face, her personal life, etc…It stopped being funny.

Dear girls of the ”precure ”true” fandom”, you are, quite simply, pieces of shit. I can only advise you to get a life outside of tumblr (and your rooms) and live in the real world once and for all. We don’t have to read your bullshit, but please keep your “brave” half-assed, new-user-of-4chan-ish anonymous threats coming if you want to. Like or not we’re not going anywhere, because I (like many others) couldn’t possibly give a sodding shit about your crazy ass psycho tumblr feminist bitches’ opinion.

Ops, i’m a total MRA asshole, sorry


I don’t really know what’s going on entirely but ?????? what does being a feminist precure fan have to do with the whole medication thing (didn’t hear about that either, goes to show how involved in even precure fandoms whoops)