idk why I bother feeling anything at all sometimes

AHHH, oh my gosh, I'm the same way. tbh, there are so many fashion bloggers on here who do reviews on items they got for free and I just can't??? take it seriously, I guess? idk, I'll never trust that review a hundred percent. /shame on me.


I can’t speak much on it ‘cause like, I guess I’d be okay with having people review my stuff but I guess there’s an attitude that comes with it a lot of the time that sorta rubs me the wrong way…? it bothers me less than it used to, or I guess we’ll just say I’m kinda desensitized to it at this point.

it’s trivial and minor but whenever people add their discount codes with “don’t forget to use” or “remember to use” maaaaaan it makes me want to specifically forget to use their code ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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